Our SLEs


Specialist leaders of education (SLEs) are outstanding middle and senior leaders with a particular area of expertise and the skills to develop the leadership capacity of colleagues in similar positions in other schools. SLEs are also a point of contact for teachers and leaders across the Alliance.

Lynn Rowley – Ormiston Meridian Academy MFL lrowley@omera.co.uk
Stewart-Alexander Growcott St Thomas More Behaviour, attendance agrowcott@stmca.org.uk
Jamie Stubbs St Thomas More – Behaviour Attendance jstubbs@stmca.org.uk
Tristan Warrilow The glebe Academy Maths (primary twarrilow@glebeacademy.co.uk
Leanne Soboljew Excel Academy MFL  lsoboljew@excelacademy.info
Matthew Frangelli The Excel Academy Science matthewfrangelli@googlemail.com
Rebecca Conn-Pearson Birches Head Academy R.E rconnpearson@bircheshead.org.uk
David Rankin St Thomas More Catholic Academy CPD/ITT drankin@stmca.org.uk
Charlotte Rowley St Thomas More Catholic Academy Closing the gap, Behaviour Crowley@stmca.org.uk
Michael Anthony Pearce The Coop Academy of Stoke-on-Trent Maths mpearce@cas.coop
Laura Thomas The Excel Academy History/Curriculum  lthomas@excelacademy.info
Rebecca Munden St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy Maths rmunden@smwca.org.uk
Sophie Barker St Thomas More Catholic Academy Closing the Gap, Most Able, Pupil Premium sbarker@stmca.org.uk
Catherine Williams – Ormiston Meridian Academy Science, cwilliams@omera.co.uk
Stephanie Hood St Joseph’s College History Shood1@stjosephsmail.com
Paul Honeyfiled St Joseph’s College Psychology phoneyfield@stjosephsmail.com
Michelle McKenna St Joseph’s College R.E Mmckenna@stjosephsmail.com
Carly Hind St Joseph’s College English chind@stjosephsmail.com
Gerard Moran St Joseph’s College English gmoran@stjosephsmail.com
Chris Johnson St Joseph’s College History/ITT cjohnson@stjosephsmail.com
Gareth Barton St Joseph’s College P.E gbarton@stjosephsmail.com 
Ailee Millward Ormiston Horizon Academy Art (SASCAL subject lead)
Sian Hughes Haywood Academy Behaviour and Discipline
Cath Machin St. Joseph’s College Behaviour and Discipline/attendance
Rob Hampton Sandon Meridian Academy Computing (SASCAL subject lead)
Martin Palmer Trentham Academy Computing (SASCAL subject lead)
Kirstie Hicks Thistley Hough Academy CPD
Dominic McKenna St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy CPD
Clare Willis St. John Fisher CPD
Delia Byrne St. Joseph’s College Drama/CPD/English
Sarah Price St. Joseph’s College Drama (SASCAL subject lead)
Suzanne Elson Ormiston Horizon Academy DT
Steve Fergusson Haywood Academy DT (SASCAL subject lead)
Simon Goodall St. Joseph’s College DT
Sarah Beasley St Thomas More Catholic Academy English
Helen Byrne Discovery Academy English
Sam Chater St Joseph’s College English/CPD/ITT
Sophie Gardner Ormiston Horizon Academy English
Aimee O’Dea Haywood Academy English
Anna Steele Excel Academy English
Amy Brockley St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy Geography (SASCAL subject lead)
Cheryl Caine St Peter’s Academy Geography
Ed Leighton St. Joseph’s College Geography/CPD/ITT
Lee Davies Sandon Meridian Academy History
Simon Jones St Joseph’s College ITT/NQT/CPD
Sarah Williams Birches Head Academy ITT/NQT/CPD
Liz Gibson Excel Academy ITT/RE (SASCAL subject lead)
Rhiannon Bedford Excel Academy Maths
Craig Bloor Discovery Academy Maths
Simon Bullock Stoke MEP Maths (SASCAL subject lead)
Samantha Coppenhall St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy Maths
Natalie Godwin Cooperative Academy Maths
Rebecca Kirkman Cheadle Academy Maths
Steve Martin Excel Academy Maths
Charlotte Appleyard St. Joseph’s College MFL/CPD
Mark Johnson Ormiston Horizon Academy Music (SASCAL subject lead)
Rob Jenkins Birches Head Academy PE
Mark Pearson St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy PE (SASCAL subject lead)
Mark Rogers Cooperative Academy PE
Claire Rooney St. Joseph’s College RE/ITT/NQT (SASCAL subject lead support)
Gemma Roberts All Hallows Catholic College Science/CPD
Lee Berrisford JCB Academy Science
Steve Birch The Discovery Academy Science (SASCAL subject lead)
Mike Robinson St. Joseph’s College Science/ITT/NQT
Claire Copeland St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy Science (Biology)
Yvonne O’Connor Trentham Academy Science (Chemistry)
Jeanette Owen St Joseph’s College Science (Physics)
Charlotte Slattery St. Joseph’s College SEND
Amanda Pearson St. Joseph’s College SEND