• To help ensure all children have every opportunity to receive the very best educational experience possible in a culture of aspiration, pride, independence, and expertise.
  • To help support the central role schools have in their communities.
  • To facilitate meaningful collaboration across schools, alliances and MATs within the city, regionally and nationally.
  • To attract and facilitate access to exceptional practitioners, leaders of education and academics.
  • To provide evidence informed professional development at all stages of a career from trainees to CEOs
  • To help ensure expertise is developed in response to citywide and national needs, using evidence to inform a purposeful, effective approach.
  • To co-ordinate collaborative projects drawing together academic expertise, practitioner experience and ‘craft knowledge’ to promote and model a cultural shift in professional development.
  • To work alongside the Regional Teaching School Council, neighboring Teaching School Alliances, Stoke-on-Trent Research School, Stoke-on-Trent Local Authority, and the Regional School Commissioners office to ensure high-impact, sustainable school improvement.
  • To recruit, train and retain the very best of the next generation of teachers and leaders.